Structures worked along side Miron Construction on a new YMCA facility for the Wisconsin Rapids community. Once an obsolete and mostly vacant downtown mall, the new YMCA is now a lively accessible facility convenient to several nearby low-income communities.

The challenge presented was how to manage storm water in a cost-efficient manner while following local ordinance. Structures solved this by installing a permeable paver system in the majority of parking stalls. This allows the water to trap and slowly release into the ground rather then having running water go through the parking lot and into the storm drains. Wit Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather, a permeable paver system will aid the facility by lessening the amount of water and snow that resides on the pavers.

The speed and efficiency with machine laying the pavers was appealing not only in cost but also to the project schedule. By using a machine set application and Structures manpower, they were able to complete the project in five days where hand installing the pavers would have taken twenty days. this allowed other trades to complete their scope of work earlier, helping the overall completion date to be reduced.


City: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

General Contractor: Miron Construction

PM: Matt Hoel

Supervisor: Nick Rohach