Nolan Mains

Structures collaborated with Frana Companies and Damon Farber in the design, engineering and construction process to reimagine a neglected street of Edina’s famed 50th and France neighborhood into an extended and improved shopping district. Once an old cafés parking lot, this beautiful addition to the City of Edina became known as Nolan Mains and is now a luxury living and shopping area that attracts hundreds of visitors daily.

There were many unique challenges throughout this project that Structures was able to work through including adding multiple walkways throughout the entire area to expand shops on all sides of the building.

The site layout and rigid storm water management objectives would be difficult for any city to implement during the harsh Minnesota seasons which lead for the use of Permeable and Non-Permeable pavers for the drive lanes, plazas and pedestrian walkways all the while maintaining a historically rooted architecture.

A Permeable Paver system was specially designed to capture storm water runoff at a rapid pace. The storm water is then sent to the City’s water collection system which was installed within the sub-base of the Permeable Paver structure. The unique design and proper install gave peace of mind to the Owner and City of Edina as the use of Permeable Pavers would ensure that any water, whether from rain or snow fall, would fall quickly within the joints instead of freezing on the surface and creating the risk of black ice forming on the walkways during the unforgiving winter months.

Nolan Mains required close coordination among all subcontractors to efficiently move production along while working through the many challenges associated with renovating a heavily populated downtown urban area. Structures proudly answered the call to ensure the vision of this renovation came to light while maintaining the historically rooted Architecture to Edina.

Job: Nolan Mains

City: Edina, MN

General Contractor:
Frana Companies