Westminster Presbyterian Church

The “Open Doors Open Futures” project for Westminster Presbyterian Church was designed with both permeable and non-permeable pavers. The non-permeable pavers were the Belgard Rinn Padio 14 multi-sized paver system, 80mm thick, in a Graphite color. The permeable pavers used were the Holland Permeable 80mm in a Charcoal Face Mix color.


Close attention was made to the pattern and design of the pavers as the Church sits in a high traffic block of downtown Minneapolis. Running bond patterns were used for the Rinn pavers and the permeable pavers on the Plaza side of the building. A herringbone pattern was used on the driveway side of the project to maximize interlocking strength while not jeopardizing aesthetics.


The Rinn pavers were selected for the walkways, ADA ramps, and main entrances for their durability and multi-sized paver pattern. These pavers we carefully laid with a pitch toward thin slot drains throughout the plaza which captured stormwater runoff in underground tanks to reuse in the property’s irrigation system. The permeable pavers were needed in the lower plaza area and the new driveway to capture excess stormwater that drained into the ground. The design of this property was under strict water control guidelines set forth by the City of Minneapolis.


The pavers were installed after the site retaining walls, ramps, and stairs were all poured. That required strategic logistical tactics by all parties to get the pallets of pavers and buckets of sand to where we needed them. All the pavers and sand for the Rinn walkways and plaza were moved on site by a tower crane. Trucks were strategically timed to arrive downtown at the right moment, so nobody had to wait for the crane and block traffic. The assistance of the crane allowed our laborers to focus on the laying pattern and put forth their best craftsmanship!


In the end, this project is a beautiful addition to downtown Minneapolis. Located right on Nicollet Mall, many people get to enjoy the walkways, seating areas, and landscaping the church has added to the city. The functionality and aesthetics of these hardscapes will last a lifetime!


Job: Westminster Presbyterian Church


City: Minneapolis, MN


General Contractor: Mortenson


Architect: James Dayton Design, Minneapolis, MN


Landscape Architect: Hoerr Schaudt, Chicago, IL


Product(s): Anchor Rinn Padio 14, Anchor Holland Permeable Pavers, and Custom Precast Curbing